In the image below there's a cuboid that has a shrinkwrap constraint to a distorted cylinder. As I rotate the distorted cylinder in the x-axis, the cuboid moves up and down following the uneven surface of the cylinder.

What I want is to flip this over and have the distored cylinder move up and down as it rotates over the stationary cuboid. That is, I want the same shrinkwrap constraint to move the target instead of the object. Does this make sense? Is there another way to go about it? CAM and pin with shrinkwrap constraint

  • $\begingroup$ Can’t you just have the shrinkwrap constraint on the other object - ie, shrinkwrap the distorted cylinder to the cuboid rather than the cuboid to the distorted cylinder. $\endgroup$ – Rich Sedman Oct 16 at 23:41

This probably won't be the most efficient answer, because I don't really understand what end result you are trying to achieve, but you can add something called a driver.

Drivers let you "drive" values based on other values. So you could have rotation of one object drive the global position (or any other value) of another.

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