I am new in Blender, and doing hard to learn that. I was trying to made a Dyson vacuum cleaner parts by Blender and I made it, but the final model has a problem that I don't know why and how to fix it.

This is what it looks like in the object mode, I saw this problem after I have add solidity and subdivision on it: vaccum cleaner parts in object model

This is the rendered image with clear broken area: enter image description here

This is what it looks like in edit mode and without solidity and subdivision: enter image description here

In my mind I haven't made any N-gon in these area, so I don't know why it happens, could anyone tell me the reason of that and how should I avoid on next time?

Here is the source file: Blender File

Thank you very much for reading this thread.

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    $\begingroup$ Hello :). You have flipped faces, you need to recalculate normals. There are also double verts and other non-manifold geometry. $\endgroup$ – Jachym Michal Oct 16 '20 at 18:28
  • $\begingroup$ Related: Inaccurate shading on object $\endgroup$ – Jachym Michal Oct 16 '20 at 18:29
  • $\begingroup$ Hi, thank you for your reply! But I don't understand why I have flipped faces, I almost did it face by face myself, and double vertices also. Could you please some references that I can know more about that? thank you once again $\endgroup$ – Saxon Oct 18 '20 at 14:48
  • $\begingroup$ Hey :). Flipped faces just happen during modeling, there can be many reasons. The same with double verts. But neither are big deal and easy to deal with :). Related: What is Non-Manifold geometry $\endgroup$ – Jachym Michal Oct 18 '20 at 15:10
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    $\begingroup$ Thank you so much for such kind of help! Thank you! $\endgroup$ – Saxon Oct 18 '20 at 15:37

After viewing your model, here's what I did:
#select the meshes then ctrl+A to apply all transformation. #select the object go to edit mode and select all the vertex by pressing A once or twice. And then shift+N to recalculate normals.

Your mesh had some flipped normals which caused the issue you marked. Here's the File after applying the fixes I mentioned.

enter image description here

  • $\begingroup$ thank you very much for your help! I really need to search the meaning of these actions then! thank you! $\endgroup$ – Saxon Oct 18 '20 at 14:39

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