I figured out this way of making things slightly lag behind. It's quite nice and easy to set up, and I can move stuff around in real time.

I can move around one bone, and the others will lag behind accordingly.

Everything would be alright, but the system simply does not work the moment I attempt to render it. I'm able to see it act how I want in the viewport, I can even render still frames and get the position correctly. However, if I attempt to render the animation, none of the child bones animate and lag behind, they are completely static, as pictured.

Child bones no longer work

Trying to move the top of the chain doesn't' help me out either...

enter image description here

Link to blend:

  • $\begingroup$ Open the system console (Window->Toggle System Console) and see if there are any messages about dependency cycles in your rig. $\endgroup$ – Sazerac Oct 18 at 22:50

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