I'm trying to make an orbit animation and I did so by using this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K02hlKyoWNI&t=182s This is how it looks right now

When the keyframes were set I went to graph editor. There I used the key option to make the movement linear by using the interpolation mode, and I add a cycles modifier like this to keep the motion going[Settings of the modifier2
for both objects (small and big sphere, I'm not refering to the objects in the centre).

The difference is that I can't seem to get the big sphere to keep on turning after the offset of the object has achieved 100% (one round around the orbit) while the little one just keeps going until the end of the animation. The orbits are made with BezierCircles and I noticed that the orbit with the ongoing animation also had an animation: difference in orbit's Idk where that action comes from or how I made it but I think it is the reason of the difference in animation... When I go to the graph editor I see the following differences: correct working orbit incorrect working orbit I also noticed that the correct working orbit in the dope sheet editor has an keyframe at the start of the timeline while the incorrect working orbit does not. Maybe somebody in here knows what I'm missing or how to fix the problem so I can keep them both spinning even after they reach an offset of 100%?