I'm trying to turn a mesh's action into an action that corresponds with a bone in my rig.

I duplicated the bone in Edit Mode, separated it into it's own separate armature. We'll call this RefBone.

I parent RefBone to the mesh, bake action in Object Mode with:

Only selected bones, Visual keying, Clear Constraints, Clear Parents

Bake data is Bone and Pose just to be safe.

I don't unlink the Action from the Action Editor

The bone I want to apply the Action Constraint to we'll call ABone.

Copy Transform is applied to ABone copying RefBone (World=World) in Pose Mode.

In Pose Mode I bake a new Action with:

Only selected bones, Visual keying, Clear Constraints

Bake data is Pose.

Both bones were baked in WXYZ

ABone's new baked action is saved as a fake user.

When I go to select the action in Action Constraint, I cannot select the Action I have made. I can select other Actions both corresponding and not to ABone.

I can't select the Action linked to RefBone. It does not matter if I unlink, have it selected, or unselected in Action Editor.

Trying to select the Action continues to add users to the Action.

It does not matter if I have all the other Action Constraint settings set up.

I have tried re-baking ABone with Object also selected in Bake Data to no benefit.

Is this an issue of having multiple actions on one bone? Or is a tiny step breaking the process?


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