As objects move towards/away from camera I need the outline thickness to remain the same in appearance. Outline thickness is achieved by driving the thickness value of the solidify modifier. I setup a node tree with two subprograms, one per object, to make the thickness adjust at every frame based on each objects distance to camera.

Problem: with more than one object, rendering the animation does not work. rendering 1 Image at a time using F12 works, but is impractical to do manually. If you can suggest a python script to do that (render and save a single frame, move fwd 1 frame, loop) I'll take it as a workaround.

When I render animation using Ctrl+F12: (Movie or frame sequence makes no difference here) The node trees update (auto execution on & frame changed checked) but the animation of the objects does not update.

If I delete one of the two subprograms everything works fine but then my outline only works for one object in the scene which is not an option. I do not want to render each object separately and composite, I have too many in my projects. So it seems to have an issue with two subprograms in the same tree perhaps ? I also tried separating the two subprograms, each into their own node tree and that made no difference.

Please let me know if it is a bug, or if I am setting up my node trees wrong perhaps which is entirely possible.

Test file here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1a1rTAMD-e3w-YHKuWZ0ubgkJ2Htj-2Q_/view?usp=sharing


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