I am putting together a dance animation sequence in Blender with the NLA editor and have come across an issue matching the position of my character between actions. Essentially what is happening is that one "Action Track" finishes and my character snaps back to origin for the next Action Track and then on the third it does it again.

I have sequenced the exact same animations in Unreal Sequencer and Unity Timeline and they both have an option to offset the position to "previous track", for the life of me I cannot find an option in Blender to do the same.

I have read a great many forum posts that talk about editing each subsequent track and move the start point manually to where the previous ended... but that seems a horribly manual solution and would not scale very well if you had a lot of tracks.

Now the question I guess, does anyone know how to do this in Blender like you can in Unreal and Unity. It seems a basic requirement so I am pretty sure I am just being daft and cannot see the option anywhere.

Thanks in advance :)

PS.. I am not adverse to a plugin that achieves the same thing if Blender can't do this natively (but I would be very surprised)


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