i have thousands of objects moving a path with the follow path constraint. i want every one of them to have the same animation but offset a couple frames. it seems to be impossible to get a value for these objects that increases incrementally and constantly(not random offset), so i'm prepared to add a custom property and manually number every object. the animation is stored in a custom property as well. i can't just add the number of every object to animation information because the animation speeds up and slows down and i want that to happen when the object reaches a part of the curve, not all at the same time.

maybe i can use evaluate(frame) where i put the manually created object number in as a frame, but i have no clue how to use evaluate(frame) in a driver since i'm fairly new to python blender

maybe there is also some secret way to use the object id as a number so i don't have to number manually? (i still have to somehow offset the animation) can you help me?


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