When using displacement modifiers, you can use the resulting mesh normals of the first displacement as the base for the second, such that the end result is a 3 dimensional displacement.

For example, these 2 modifiers only use grayscale gradient textures :

The "Vector Displacement" node allows for that but what would be the node setup to stack 2 grayscale textures to get the same behavior ?

In case you want it, here's the file used for the above gif :

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    $\begingroup$ I thought you might be able to use a bump node to generate normals for the second displacement, but it looks like displacement is evaluated before any bump nodes, regardless of node flow (for evaluation of bump + displacement, I imagine.) With the way Blender handles this, I don't believe there's a general, bakeless solution. But it would be possible if you were to bake the normals you get from the first node-based displacement, which you could then use as vectors to scale for your second displacement. $\endgroup$ – Nathan Sep 23 at 16:42

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