enter image description here Blender 2.81: I am trying to use the boolean modifier to cut out a chunk of this square. The first time i did it it worked, and then when i tried to cut another chunk out of it, didn't work. However when i tried using another shape it somehow worked. Does anyone know how to fix this?


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Without seeing exactly what you were trying to do, it is hard to know how to advise you. But some general advice about using Booleans, pre version 2.91:

  • Both shapes should be closed volumes, with all normals pointing outwards
  • The shapes should not have self-intersections
  • The shapes should not intersect each other in such a way that edges, faces, or vertices of one shape exactly overlap edges, faces, or vertices of the other.

If any of these things is not true, Boolean might work but it is not guaranteed. This is probably why sometimes you tried, it worked,and other times it did not.

Blender 2.91 (to be released in late November) has a new Boolean solver that does not have problems with the second two of the above points. You can try it now in the daily alpha release builds of 2.91.


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