I would like to assemble an object made of Polys but I get stuck because the integration does
not stay.

At the moment I use the Offset Polygons Node to set the scale of the Polys influenced by a
locator object and a Point Distance Falloff as seen in the image. enter image description here enter image description here I can reverse the falloff by an invert node that gives me what I want, but because its a
Point Falloff it does not stay,.

the directional Falloff is close to what I want but I would like to have it starting from
a point and not going in a fixed direction. directional Falloff is way to "directional" enter image description here the main goal at the end is injecting the object at different points and let the scale "grow"
till comlete visibility.


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We need to store previous state of falloff. This allows to stay effect of falloff even it is changed.

In this example it stores Maximum falloff of Object Controller Falloff on each execution. The values of falloff are stored in AN.falloffData. The value of falloff is reset when frame is 1. The working of this technique is well explained here

To store data to AN module : setattr(AN, "falloffData", x)

Access stored data : AN.falloffData

enter image description here

enter image description here


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