it is my first time really using blender to make a rigged 3D humanoid with IK handles. for some reason, my model is very twisted and contorted after applying automatic weights. and I've been unable to figure out what I'm doing wrong or how to fix it.

could someone who is experienced tell me what I might be doing wrong? or how to fix these issues?

Here is my blend file!


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  • Instead of giving a Copy Rotation constraint to your feet, you could parent them to the IK controllers in Edit mode. But if you want to keep the Copy Rotation for some reason, choose the Z axis and Space > Local Space/Local Space.

  • In Edit mode, bend the knees a bit forward so that Blender knows in what direction to bend them.

  • In Pose mode, select the lower legs and in the IK constraint, change their Angle to 180°.

  • I'm not sure about the spine orientation, it would probably be better if you switched the bones direction, they should point upwards.

  • It's better to create a root bone, parent the first spine, the controller and the target bones to it.


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