I'm making a Victoria sponge in Blender, and I'm not sure how to make the outside texture of the sponge cake. If a picture of a node setup could be provided, that'd be amazing. Thank you! :)

Victoria Sponge w/ Crust Outlined


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You could try something like this.


What I did was combine a Musgrave and a Noise texture and used that as a mix factor for the "Cake colors". I then took a lightened (softened) version of this mix and used that as a Bump Map of sorts. I also took the normal values from the Bump map, and the color data from the Noise Texture to provide the values for an Ambient Occlusion Node which I then colored dark brown and mixed with the original "cake color" to make the "darkened baked bits".

Lastly, I isolated the Z vector of a Gradient Texture (so it would lay flat) and "shaped" it with a ColorRamp to make a "top cap" mask which I would then use as a mix factor to apply the whites of yet another Noise Texture to the Cake by using a MixRGB node set to lighten. This makes the "icing sugar" on top.

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I've also given a try, I've created the basic material, I've only used the Noise Texture for both the diffuse and the bump effects. For the basic material I've mixed two tones of orange, and created some bumps with the combination of 2 sizes of noise. The sugar is pure white, to create the sprinkle effect, I've mixed 2 sizes of noise. To keep the sugar in the desired area, I've used Vertex Paint and painted only the top of the cake, then used an Input > Attribute node, with the vertex paint group loaded, as a factor to mix with the basic material:

enter image description here enter image description here


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