i'm trying to use UVMagic Mirror UV option (i'm in 2.79). can anybody explain (or guess!) why i am getting these results?:

start: https://prnt.sc/uezkq2 after: https://prnt.sc/uezqpq

the mesh i symmetrical. i double-checked (and fixed) it.

i have changed the uvmap of the right arm (X positive, left side of the uv map), and i want to apply the changes to the left arm. but it just randomly puts faces of both arms here and there, and i get these edge lines crossing the whole thing?

well, i got rid of the crossing lines by putting the right arm uvs on the RIGHT side of the uvmap... but the left arm still has its shape, but a bunch of holes in it, and the right arm is even FEWER faces... and i have no earthly idea where this thing put all the missing faces. oh, i see. the faces missing on the left are over on the right, and vice versa. well. at least they are matching???


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