I'm really not sure what has changed in 2.8 with regard to how this menu's shortcuts are handled, but the way I had customized shortcuts for the Snap to elements in 2.79 is no longer working in recent versions. (I'm using 2.9.0)

The menu in question:

My 2.79 configuration (working):

enter image description here

My identical 2.9.0 configuration (not working):

enter image description here

The goal is to set the following shortcuts:

  • Alt` Snap to: Increment
  • Alt1 Snap to: Vertex
  • Alt2 Snap to: Edge
  • Alt3 Snap to: Face
  • Alt4 Snap to: volume

I placed the shortcut definitions in the same place as in 2.79: 3D View (Global)

The Python names and syntax appear not to have changed. I checked them in Blender's Console.

Also, I consulted the current Python API, but it didn't give any clues about shortcut assignment.

Note that although Alt1 through Alt0 now have Hide Collection assigned by default, disabling these does not solve the problem of my custom shortcuts not working.

I'm perplexed... any help appreciated.


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We now have the possibility to snap on multiple elements (ie vertices and faces simultaneously).

enter image description here

So the attribute is:

tool_settings.snap_elements #With 's'

And the value is a set, ie:


enter image description here

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