I'm working on Grant Abbitt's low-poly sea shack tutorial. I have my water, and I wanted to try and add some volume absorption to it to see what it would look like. However, whenever I try to add the volume absorption node, my water turns completely black, and doesn't change at all regardless of what settings I change.

Can anyone help me out?

No Volume Absorption: enter image description here

Volume Absorption: enter image description here


Usually the default value of 1.0 on volume nodes is way too high.

Use a much lower value for the density. This is the volume absorption set at 0.001

enter image description here

  • $\begingroup$ Oh, I didn't even think that it could go below 1.0, ha... Alright thanks! This was helpful. Also, how/why is everything in your screenshot purple? Is that a particular view type to help see the difference? Also, the reason I didn't know it could go below 1.0 was because in the BlenderGuru donut tutorial, I had basic water and had to set it to some crazy high value like 500 or so. $\endgroup$
    – n0ah
    Sep 7 '20 at 2:52
  • $\begingroup$ it is pink because the file is missing the images used as textures, you didn't pack them so they are not part of the file. $\endgroup$
    – susu
    Sep 7 '20 at 2:55
  • $\begingroup$ Oh? .. I clicked the "Pack all into .blend" button... Hm. $\endgroup$
    – n0ah
    Sep 7 '20 at 2:57

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