On my Surface Book 2, Blender used to work alright. I know it's not the best hardware to render, but it's all I have. Suddenly, I realized, Out of nowhere, the shading editor was acting strange. Connecting the shader nodes didn't work any more. That's one example how I would like to see the nodes connected: https://pasteall.org/pic/ff4d203da1334027a0b167ab422d0f9d But all I get is this: https://pasteall.org/pic/bc0083e9a9474443b2d3b27c0f14f2e5 What's wrong? you can find my Specs here: http://speccy.piriform.com/results/Nbwxaj5R2kdI4bteuwKSwqx

  • $\begingroup$ So you can't drag lines in between the nodes to connect them anymore? $\endgroup$ – Nate_Sycro27 Sep 4 '20 at 15:06
  • $\begingroup$ please use the tools from this site to add images, so that they are displayed as part of the question and not as links. how to upload an image to a post $\endgroup$ – susu Sep 4 '20 at 17:26

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