We successfully created simple animations using the workflow in "Your First 2D Animation In Blender 2.8". When we create more complicated animations, interpolate/sequence sometimes gets the wrong 'destination' for the animation (e.g. a shin section of a leg animates to a thigh).

So the question is:

How can we help Blender (2.83) get the correct target especially when we've already drawn the keyframes (on the same layer)?

(I include that last part since I figure moving the parts to individual layers might help but I can't seem to move all the parts in the different keyframes to the same layer. Happy to hear that if that's part of the answer :) )

I've included a GIF showing the problem and the .blend file that produces this in case it helps.

GIF showing problem


p.s. the attached animation uses single strokes for each 'part' that were copied then merely moved and rotated so point count is identical between parts. We've had the same problem on more complicated drawings too.

  • $\begingroup$ There is a" Bone" animation feature by which individual GPlayers can be linked to bones and once the walk cycle is created with these bones ,the GPstrokes can be edited to the desired shape (by using sculpt or other editing tools) without the need to depend on the arbitrary results provided by the interpolation algorithm. $\endgroup$ – starzar Sep 1 '20 at 3:42

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