I am still a unity newbie although I have tinkered on and off over the years. I realized I wasn't happy to only use art provided by others so I went away and learned a lot about character creation in blender.

I can create some acceptable characters in blender now and I am almost ready to import an example into unity.

I have separated clothing and hair meshes from the main character body as I'd like to play around with unity cloth physics before I build my next 'real' character.

I am planing to create a single set of textures for my entire character (including hair and clothes) where each mesh is UV mapped onto the same image. From reading through forum posts etc it seems that if I want to animate clothing etc they DO need to be separate objects.

My question is: Is it OK to import the collection of objects (character, clothes and hair) as a single .fbx file (my understanding is they are still separate objects), OR do I literally need to export these as entirely separate pieces i.e. an .fbx file for each separate piece?

To me it seems logical that they should be separate meshes in a single .fbx because they 'belong' together, but I am interested to know if I am on the wrong line before I put the time I continue further.

Thank for your time and input

  • $\begingroup$ Hi, your question isn't clear what do you want exactly? can you attach an example for hair or cloth simulation? anyway you can use alembic to import simulations $\endgroup$ – Seyed Morteza Kamali Aug 31 '20 at 19:34

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