I have this simulation of rope (made with gravity rope). when I try to apply complex texture to it via Keyshot- I get the error that the texture can not be applied because there are no UV Coordinates.

It seems like the deformable meshes that are exported are exported without UV coordinates- even though UV is selected when exporting

any advise on how to export the Alembic file with UV coordinates is much appreciated. here is a link to the file




Since Blender 2.8, curves have a UV map all the time.

If using versions before 2.80, as mentioned in this post, you need to enable the Use UV for mapping option in Properties Editor > Object Data Tab > Texture space panel:

UV Map Option

Alembic export with UVs enabled in export options should work just fine.

I wasn't able to test on your scene since the curve object was empty. But theoretically it should work.

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