I want to create a mesh like this:
Cylinder with a circular Dent
using blender version 2.83.5 It should be easy to create it with a boolean difference between the cylinder and the torus, but it seems that in the defaukt position something goes wrong. I am new to blender forums and I never reported a bug so I want to avoid to make useless noise by first asking someone else if I am doing something wrong. I followed this sequence:

  • Open a new shene and delete the default cube
  • Create a cylinder and leave everything default
  • Create a torus and leave everything default
  • Add a booleand difference to the cylinder with the torus as a target
  • Nothing happens
  • Apply the boolean and hide the torus. The cylinder is still there intact
  • Go into edit mode and you'll see the traces of the difference as new edges and verteces where the torus was
  • I also noticed that if the torus is not perfeclty centered (i.e. moved x by 0.001) before applying the boolean, everything works as expected.

Is this a bug or I am doing something stupid? Thank you for any suggestion


The vertices of the torus and the edges of the cylinders are overlapping, overlappings prevent the boolean to work correctly, I think it's a problem that will be soon fixed, but for the moment you need for example to scale a little bit the torus and the boolean will work fine.


Not really a direct answer, but in this case it may be easier not to use a Boolean? Create a torus...

  1. Select desired loops,V rip those edges,
  2. Hover - L select unwanted faces and delete
  3. Select boundary edge loops, E extrude, right-click to drop in place
  4. SZ scale the extrusions up and down
  5. F fill the top and bottom faces

enter image description here

Assign a Bevel modifier by angle. AltN, if necessary, to recalculate normals to face outwards.

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    $\begingroup$ Thanks for the answer. Actually the mesh was a little more complicated than that, and I succesfully made it anyway using the boolean with a slightly (0.001) decentered torus, and moving back to center the interested verteces (those that were belonging to the torus before applying the boolean. The point was, not to find a way to make it, but if is was a bug preventing it to work as expected. Thanks for the suggestion anyway, to demonstrate once more that there's no single way to (skin a cat) get the result ;) $\endgroup$ – ziomau10 Aug 30 '20 at 19:31
  • $\begingroup$ @ziomau10 That's cool.. sometimes Booleans are the best way. I always look for the modelling approach first, and only reach for the Boolean when it does the job better, or well-enough in a much better time. $\endgroup$ – Robin Betts Aug 30 '20 at 19:48

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