I've already made the coronavirus cell.

enter image description here

There is no way that I am going to tediously move every single cell to create the shape of the numbers that'll take forever! Is there some way I could make the year '2020' 3D, turn the numbers into invisible containers and then 'pour' the cells into them? Or could I make the 3D numbers invisible and somehow make all the coronavirus cells stick to them as if they are magnets?

Ideally, I would like the coronavirus cells to look as though they have gathered together, like a swarm of bees, to create the shapes of the numbers in the year 2020. Is this doable?

It's not for an animation, it's for a still image.


You can do this with Text and a Particle System.

Start by adding text, and converting it to a mesh:


Extrude the mesh a bit in edit mode, then go back to Object Mode and add a Particle System Modifier.


In the particle settings, choose "Hair", and down under render, choose "object" and select your "cell" from where it says "instanced object" (I used an ico-sphere to represent your "cell").


You can change the scale/rotation/etc.. in the particle settings panel. You can also choose to show the "emitter text" or not (note that there are 2 different "show emitter" boxes - one for the viewport and one for the render).

This last step is optional - you can see that the mesh made by the conversion from text contains some ugly topology. You can "clean it up" rather easily by using a Decimate Modifier set to "planar".


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