I want to create a short 'scene-inspection' video, where the camera should move in a pre-determined trajectory around a scene (x,y,z, and Euler angles). To test on a couple of frames initially, for frame 1 I set y- value to -10ft, and for frame 2 to -10.5ft ( ie I am only changing the y direction values). But I observe that as soon as I set camera location for frame 2, it also changes the value for frame 1 (to -10.5 ft). The location values arent locked and the camera is always selected as the active object for that frame. Why is that happening? Pls suggest a workaround.


You need to add keyframes to set the location at different points in the animation - otherwise Blender is not aware of how you want the object to move and assumes you are just moving it to its new 'static' location.

You should set a keyframe at the start of the motion - this can be achieved by simply hitting I and selecting 'Location' (or whatever property you are keyframing) while in the 3D Viewport. Then move to the end frame and move the camera and, again, add a keyframe using the same process. Your camera should now move between those keyframes when you play the animation or move through the timeline.

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  • $\begingroup$ Worked! Thks a lot $\endgroup$ – VjayalakshmiK Aug 25 at 18:58

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