I wrote a Python script which uses Blender API and outputs render scene frame range. I want to execute it over a few files with no GUI/in the background. I found this thread which explains that I can put my script in path_to_blender/version/scripts/addons and later execute using blender.exe --background myFile.blend --python ./version/scripts/addons/superScript.py

The issue I'm having is that I don't know where to put my script as I installed Blender from Snap and so the file structure looks different. I found /snap/blender/current/2.83/scripts/addons but when trying to copy anything into it, it returns cp: cannot create regular file './get_scene_framerange.py': Read-only file system I also checked the following directories:

  • /var/snap/
  • /var/lib/snapd/
  • /home/username/snap/

but only /snap/ has dir called addons/



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After talking to the guys on the official Blender forum #python it turned out the scrip can be located pretty much anywhere and it doesn't need to be in a special directory, as I thought before. To run it I used a command i.e: blender --background monkey_test.blend --python ./get_scene_framerange.py where the last bit is a path to the script located anywhere


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