How do I convert a "MetallicSmoothness" map into two separate Metallic and Roughness-maps for a PBR workflow?

I have a map from Unity labeled "MetallicSmoothness", and also a Diffuse and Normal map. I want to convert this into a PBR workflow. How do I do that?

From my understanding, this would be a solution:

  • RGB of "MetallicSmoothness" = Metallic.
  • Inverted alpha of "MetallicSmoothness" = Roughness.

Is this correct?

  • $\begingroup$ Usually the combo I hear of most is metal/rough and specular/glossy. Luckily, blender is built to handle both. Although, your naming scheme is a bit different, connecting shouldn't be a problem. Connect metallic to metallic for sure - and i'm pretty sure you're correct about inverting the "smoothness", however, it's a good idea to check by looking at the texture (for roughness input white=rough, black = shiny). You should be able to tell pretty easily which way it "goes". $\endgroup$ – Christopher Bennett Aug 22 at 15:11

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