I have a problem trying to "merge" two proxied armatures.

I have an object A, with its own armature and animations. I have an object B, with its own armature and animations.

I plan to use both A and B as basic blocks in many other objects.

In another file, i want to combine an A and a B. In order to stay modular, I make a proxy of A, and a proxy of B. As far as I understood, to "merge" two armatures, you have to join them (using Ctrl J), then go to edit mode and make one the parent of the other. But I don't manage to do this with proxied armatures (since you cannot go to edit mode on proxies).

I saw lots of people joining the objects before proxying the whole thing, but I would like to stay modular as much as possible.

I guess there is a way of doing that ?

Thank you


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