Blender 2.83LTS

When rendering an image (~7000x5000px) using the CPU (scene doesn't fit in GPU memory) + OptiX Denoiser the Image will have white, blocky artifacts after the denoising process of random tiles. Re-rendering the same tile does not have the same effect. The noisy image pass does not have these issues - only the combined result. Nothing fancy in the output compositor either, its default + file output node. Denoiser is set to use Color+Albedo+Normal. Anyone else experienced this before?


Seems to be fixed when the Optix Denoiser is set to only denoise Color+Albedo instead of Color+Albedo+Normal.


  • $\begingroup$ Teach you How Fix Resolve Blender Optix Denoising Cycles RenderingIllegal address device_cuda_impl.cpp:975)CUDA_ERROR_ILLEGAL_ADDRESS youtu.be/c1LPcFtlmRc $\endgroup$ – Onion365 May 12 at 10:43

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