How could I take out the space in-between the hair strands on a large braid?


I would like to remove those "holes" and make hair children better distributed. I tried reducing the amplitude, but it gets too skinny. As you can see on the settings it's 1 parent with 10k children particles.


I'm pretty sure I can make adding a custom property, but I don't know which one to choose.


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Well, I had play with the Children settings till actually got some reasonable result:

Large Braid

Here is my recipe for a nicer looking braid:

  • As you can see, mainly Random and Size properties made the strands get thicker, but it can also mess around with the shape at the end. So I suggest trim it with Length.

  • Use a high value for Clump on Effects Section and a low Clump on Kink Section.

  • If you get a fading effect like I was having on my question, try to change the Shape value to something like -0.9 on Cycles Hair Settings.


Suggestions are very welcome.


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