I have created a character and textured it for Full Color 3D printing through shapeways. I choose the X3D export option from the 3D print toolbox addon and the export works fine. But when I upload to Shapeways there is no color at all.

I am positive that I zipped the .png files and the .X3D file without any errors, but the colors still don't work.

I then opened up the X3D file and searched for any hint of a texture, and there was absolutely no mention of my texture names.

Is there some sort of option I am missing to allow textures to export with the X3D file?

Here are my .blend file and textures: Beck

And here is my .X3D file that I exported: X3D file


Well, I discovered my error.

I was using Cycles and not Blender Internal. Unless there is some setting I am unaware of, Cycles does not save the texture data in the exported .X3D file.

So just simply switch to Internal render and then add your textures.


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