Hi so I've been constantly scouring reasons why my bake has been unsuccessful. I was trying to bake all the materials into a diffuse map to use. When I did this only some of the materials would bake while the rest would leave just a black texture. I eventually figured out that using metallic for me caused the black textures. The problem is that without the metallic the look of it changes drastically. Is there a certain way to bake the diffuse map to reproduce the colours without getting rid of the metallic in the shader.


This is what the project looks like with uv baking and how the material is set up.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I have been struggling greatly trying to bake these materials.


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You could change metallic to 0, bake the textures and then change it back to what it was. Or add a Diffuse BSDF node, connect it to the output and connect the texture to it, and then bake. When you are done baking go back to using the Principled BSDF node.


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