Here's my problem with applied displacement modifier:

With displacement

Without displacement

As you can see, when I apply the displacement modifier, the surface is uneven as the texture is streched across every face differently. The only solution so far was to use Remesh on the object, so it divides the whole object to small even squares, but i don't like this solution since my pc runs of out memory.

I've unwrapped the part, and applied it on the displacement. However it does not work!


Here're the settings:

enter image description here

What can I do to have the displacement texture spread evenly across all different-sized faces?

Purpoise is to have this texture on a 3D print.


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The part which led me to confusion was using the auto-generated noise texture:

enter image description here

!! Notice the Size: 0.00.

It basically means, the/bumps dots were to be extremely small no matter how many subdivisions i applied. After I increased the size to 0.1, problem was solved:

enter image description here


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