I have created a flexible pipe and i want it to drop from the top like a curtain falling down smooth way.

enter image description here

I want the mesh hit the bottom ( red x axis) . The animation is getting finish at the middle. The middle part of the pipe wrinkle not seen after it fall down. The bounce of the mesh also to much. I want to make it look realistic as if the pipe falling like a cloth down with a little bounce and going up later. Any way to achieve in a good way other than my method. Thanks

  • $\begingroup$ Don't have the question rely only on users downloading a file. Show the settings you are using for the cloth simulation. Play with the settings for tension and compression for stiffness and damping as well as vertex mass. $\endgroup$
    – no-can-do
    Aug 9, 2020 at 21:54

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Im not sure for the result ... not clear what it should represent in reality - material, dimension, if it use some metal (or other hard) rings etc.)

Example is just

  • model scaled in Z axis (to more fit final shape)
  • Cloth - Preset Denim with Quality 4, Mass 0,8 kg
  • Collision Quality 8 and enabled Self Collision
  • first 50 frames used to squeeze cloth up by another Plane collider

enter image description here


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