How can I create a subdivided plane using projected threads.
(Part 02 of Converting bottle threads from diagram to 3D model)

I'm trying to model the threads of a polar springs 500ml bottle in Blender 2.8x so I can 3D print an adapter for it.


I've been able to find some good dimensions for the threads to start with. Link to full diagram below. https://www.bevtech.org/assets/Threadspecs/2072573_tmp.pdf


This can be done using a subdivided plane and the Knife Project function.

  1. Make a plane of required length and subdivide it
  2. Create your threads (I used another plane) and move it in front
  3. Select Threads + Plane and go Edit Mode > Mesh > Knife Project

Making thread pattern ,Shift+D to duplicate the vertices

enter image description here

Projecting threads onto the subdivided plane.

enter image description here


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