How do you extrude the top face of an oval circle (flower petal) that it evenly bugles/concave? I attached a picture of what I tried to model:

sample of

I used a bezier tool to form the shape of the petal and convert it to a mesh. The top face is triangular. I also tried the sculpt pull tool but it looks terrible?

example of model

Can anyone please give me advice, how to create even square polygons on the top face and extrude evenly?


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One way...

enter image description here

  1. Create an empty circle
  2. Give it a Mirror modifier with Bisect checked in the mirror axis. Move half the vertices toward the center, until you get the shape you like, and apply the modifier.
  3. With all selected in Edit mode, CtrlF Face menu > Grid Fill.
  4. Assign a Solidify modifier
  5. Assign a Bevel modifier, by angle, (Segments 2, Profile 1?) to catch the sharp edges
  6. Assign a Subdivision Surface modifier

Now select the central vertex, and under O, proportional editing, raise it up a bit, with a diameter and falloff profile you like, to get the curve.

..and maybe, in Edit, CtrlV Vertex menu, > Smooth the vertices, a touch

enter image description here

Grid Fill needs an even number of vertices to work cleanly, the Mirror modifier helps ensure that, even if your petal isn't quite the same shape as this one.

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