How to add a new stop to the color ramp in python?

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I think you are creating a color ramp in a node group as shown in the screenshot so i am giving you an example of creating inside of a node group. I hope you know how to add a color_ramp but still I am giving a complete example for creating a color ramp to add a new stop.

# Creating Color ramp
Test_fire_color_ramp = group.nodes.new(type="ShaderNodeValToRGB")

# assigning location
Test_fire_color_ramp.location = (0,0)

# Removing the First Element this is not necessary but done to show how to remove color stops

# Adding new color stop at location 0.100

# Setting the color for the stop that we recently created
Test_fire_color_ramp.color_ramp.elements[0].color = (0,0,0,1)

#creating the second stop the same way
Test_fire_color_ramp.color_ramp.elements[1].color = (0.500,0.400,0.016,1)

# Assigning position and color to already present stop
Test_fire_color_ramp.color_ramp.elements[2].position = (0.995)
Test_fire_color_ramp.color_ramp.elements[2].color = (0,0,0,1)
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import bpy
from bpy import data as D

# Get a reference to the colorRamp node

# enumarate the elements to the console
for e in cr.elements:

# set the left most color to green

# add a new ramp in the middle, position = 0.5
cr.elements.new(position = 0.5)

# set the middle color to red

# set the right color to blue

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