I've been trying to experiment with a workflow for putting all animation, editing, and post-processing into one blender file:

  • 0000_Master combines clips of all scenes' sequences and edits them together, along with background audio, VFX overlays, etc
  • 0001, 0002, 0003, ... individual scenes with audio track(s) for lip-syncing added to the sequencer (needs to be in the sequencer to control starting/ending point of the audio)

Unfortunately, I'm running into this issue, where the VSE is unable to combine the Camera (video) and Sequencer (audio) of a particular scene into the VSE. Is there a clean/better way to do this? I'd really like to be able to use the embedded scenes this way, as it allows for quick renderings of previews without preparing different quality files/proxies to export/import per scene, and there's very little setup overall.

If there's a feature request/issue that I can track (if it exists), that would be great to have.


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This is a bit silly, but you can create additional scenes and put the scene's camera output in 0001.Video, and then combine that with 0001's sequencer output in 0001.Comp. The latter can then be inserted into your master as one clip that's easy to edit. The render start/ends are a bit difficult to manage between the three of them, but if you overshoot them all (I'm not sure if render times are affected here) and just plan to edit them down in the master's VSE, it's a pretty usable workflow.

e: the 0001.Comp scene can be avoided by using meta clips, but that requires renaming the clip for clarity.


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