I need to write a script that runs on Blender (2.72) and writes a YAML file containing the results. In normal python I would use PyYAML and write something like:

import yaml
yaml.dump(['some', 'data'])

It seems that Blender uses a different python interpreter than the one installed on my system (Ubuntu), thus, a different set of extensions. I tried copying the PyYAML installation files to the Blender script directory blender/2.72/scripts/modules. That way, I can import the library, but I get errors because the library has its own dependencies (I want to avoid having to install every sub-dependency manually).

How can I get a Python extension installed and working in Blender?

Is there an alternative method to write YAML files in Blender (using python)?

Note: I will distribute the blender file containing the python script to other users, so it would be nice to have an easy-setup method!


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