So I'm rendering in Cycles the DONUT, lately my renders have no light (the objects are not black but really dark) and the strange part is, that it doesn't matter what I do to my light in the viewport, because the only place the light changes in, is in the viewport (the renders keep the same dark lighting). Im new to blender and I really don't want to get discouraged by something like this, if anyone can help i'd be happy, thank you in advance.

The first one is what it looks like in viewport

The second one is how the renders look like

Here is the file for further information and details: https://we.tl/t-N9EJ2FRiXs It's a .blend file so don't worry and thanks


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Check your Outliner, or press AltH to unhide everything, you have a plane that is hidden in Viewport but not in Render, and it makes a big shadow on your scene.

enter image description here

Here you can see how the hidden plane is interfering with the light:

enter image description here

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