I am new to blender. I am trying to create a donut but when I use rendered view mode there is a lot of flickering on the donut. In fact, it does not look much like a donut at all anymore. How do I fix it?

donut in solid view mode: donut in solid view mode

donut in render view mode: donut in render view mode

I restarted blender and updated my graphic drivers. There is still some flickering but it is somewhat better.

donut in solid view mode: donut in solid view mode after restarting blender

donut in render view mode: enter image description here

  • $\begingroup$ Which render engine are u using? $\endgroup$ – Nxdhin2005 Jul 29 '20 at 4:38
  • 1
    $\begingroup$ Looks like eevee, this should be fixed once you restart blender, but if it isnt you can try running blender_debug_gpu_glitchworkaround.cmd file on the blender install directory and try updating your graphics drivers $\endgroup$ – Rc12 Jul 29 '20 at 6:13
  • $\begingroup$ I restarted blender. It looks better but there is still some flickering at the edges. $\endgroup$ – user102210 Jul 30 '20 at 2:14

That is because you use to few samples. As you increase the samples count in the render properties, below sampling, your image will get smoother. Also, it is a good idea to turn on denoising in the layer properties all the way at the bottom. Now just press f12 to enjoy your render :) Hope this helps

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    $\begingroup$ this isnt a sampling issue, its a gpu bug, which is normally fixed by restarting blender or updating the graphics drivers $\endgroup$ – Rc12 Jul 29 '20 at 6:13
  • $\begingroup$ +1 , this definitely is not a sampling issue. Even if you assume that he is using cycles there is no way that many noise is going to get in your scene unless you have some humongous caustics or refractions that blender needs to calculate while rendering. If it is eevee sampling doesn't even matters in such scenes you can even use a sample cout of ten and still get a 'not bad' image. $\endgroup$ – Nxdhin2005 Jul 29 '20 at 13:20

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