Im trying to make a lava sim but as soon as i start the sim the liquid just splashes all over and takes like 2 full secs to settle down. Is there any way to make it settle immediately then react to objects inside the domain. Im trying to have something rise from the lava but simulating is very long since the lava goes all over the place and takes like 5 full seconds to settle down.

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    Jul 28, 2020 at 21:28

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Set Flow object to XY dimension of Domain at a bottom so there are not a gaps between Domain boundary and Flow. Like the liquid (Flow) is in a rest shape.

enter image description here

Note: Previously I thought, liquid explosion can be caused by objects intersecting, but it doesn't matter, even with Effector inside - no movement on a surface before Effector starts to "raise", as you can see in frames 0-30.


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