I've worked for many years using 3ds Max, now I'm learning blender, but I'm still new to it.

I'm trying to duplicate and mirror an object along the X Global axis. The object (a character's arm) is rotated. So I duplicated the object (with Shift + d) and I'm trying to mirror it with ctrl + M, and selecting global x axis. So it should be mirrored and rotated to the other side, and I would just have to move the position to the other shoulder's position and it should be right.

But when I use mirror, it doesn't actually mirror the object on global axis. Even though "global" is selected in the mirror panel, it mirrors on local, so the object is mirrored but is still rotaded to the same side as it was originally (so it mirrored on local axis, not actually global).

Is it a bug or am I missing something?

  • $\begingroup$ if you apply the rotation of your object it will mirror on the global axis as it will align the local with the global), it won't completely answer your question though... $\endgroup$ – moonboots Jul 27 at 14:45

To get the correct reflection, you need to move the center of the object you want to mirror to the expected middle of your two objects, and after that use the mirror modifier, then the center will be the desired place. if I understand your question correctly this should help.

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  • $\begingroup$ Yes, that kinda works but not exactly what I wanted. If I use the modifier it will mirror the mesh inside the same object. I wanted a separated mirror duplicate of the object (even though they are separate meshes, they are still part of the same object), with the position and rotation also mirrored without me having to manually re-rotate the mirrored object (which is what I end up doing every time I have to mirror an object in that manner, but it would be nice for the mirror command (ctrl + m) to do it automatically). $\endgroup$ – Alexandre Marcati Jul 27 at 17:53

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