I have created a simple scene. Here are the steps:

  1. Make a plane and subdivide it a few times
  2. Make a cube
  3. Parent cube to the plane
  4. In Object Properties tab of the plane, under Instancing, I selected verts.

All this did was make a copy of the cube appear on every vertice of the plane. Now I need to use a boolean operation to cut away at multiple cubes. However, I cannot do this because the instances are not actual copies that can be manipulated. Can I transform all of them into a mesh?

Note that in the final result, I will also displace the plane thus displacing the cubes. A simple grid created using array modifiers will not work.


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To convert instances into objects, go to Object > Apply > Make Instances Real.

You can then join them into a single mesh using Ctrl + J.

enter image description here


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