enter image description here Eye before applying uv project modifier

enter image description here

Eye after applying uv modifier to empty bone.

As you can see, I don't know why but eyes are stretched out from top to bottom...

enter image description here

And when I move the empty slightly to the left, it goes like this...

enter image description here

UV setting is set to like this.

Why is this happening? I'm so confused... Please help me.

Thanks in advance.


The reason the texture isn't projecting right may be due to the lack of Coordinate and Mapping nodes, like so:

Mapping nodes

With the Texture Coordinate set to UV, the UV Project and UV Warp modifiers should start functioning properly. You can quickly add these nodes in with the built-in Node Wrangler add-on, using Ctrl+T after selecting the image texture node.

Note that in this example, I have the X and Y scale on the Mapping node set to -1, in order to flip the centered texture along those axis. Those properties can be animated as well, but the eye rig should be able to take over from there.

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