I have a BVH file from my Mocap suit that contains 2892 frames, where each frame is a keyframe. The animation runs very slow at about 1/3 speed.

My questions are:

  1. How can I speed up my animation by removing about 2/3 of keyframes? I have found out that I can open NLA editor and change timing from 0 - 2892 frames to 0 - 900 frames and it will do what I need, yet it disallows all future keyframe edits.

  2. How can I optimize my keyframes? Many of these keyframes are not necessary and can be dealt with interpolation.


You can use the Simplify Curves addon, which is already with your Blender.

  • Enable the Addon;

  • Switch to Graph Editor, select all curves that you want to simplify, press Space and search for Simplify Curves. Then press F6 to tweak the Error theshold.

enter image description here

enter image description here

To be more accurate, you have to remove those unneeded "interpolated" keys manually, which needs time.

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