I've been trying to use an of array text objects for equidistant placement around an empty, but I could never accomplish this. Is there a way as shown in this photo (the speedometer numbers). I know that the values are different and an array would have the same text values. Speedometer text values


You can use the Clamp To Constraint on a Bezier Circle to get this, you have to do each separate piece of text, but you can use the same curve. Like this: enter image description here

To rotate the text move along whatever axis (in my case it was the Y). To rotate a certain number of degrees you can use this formula: (r/90) * degrees. So if you want to turn 90 degrees and you have a radius of 3 then just move the same distance as the radius. Also check Cyclic if you want the text to be able to go more than a full circle. To continue just do this: enter image description here

To figure out how far to move the text each time I used that equation. For me it was: (1.5 / 90) * 270 (3/4 of a circle) This gives 4.5, then you want to split that distance between 10 items, so you get to move it 0.45 on the -X axis in my case.

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  • $\begingroup$ Exactly what I was looking for, awesome! $\endgroup$ – yodamon Nov 11 '14 at 18:20

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