I have mastering blender, but i'm absolutely beginner in python or blender script. i just can use the script trough copy from the "Info" area then paste to "Text Editor" then Run it.

but i get confused to change preview passes trough script

the line from the "Info" (when i switch the passes) is

bpy.data.screens["Scripting"].(null) = 'NORMAL'

i copy and paste to the editor, so like this

import bpy
bpy.data.screens["Scripting"].(null) = 'NORMAL'

and the script won't run, its get invalid syntax

any help will be appreciated thank you

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Developer Extras

Relying on the info area to write scripts is IMO not the way to go.

Some posts explaining how to find what the property is.

Changing the shading type in Python

Blender python : How to set object appearance in viewport?

With developer extras turned on mousing over the property

enter image description here

Telling us the type and its property of interest View3DShading.render_pass For a 3D viewport, will find any property setting belongs to the space. Scrolling to References at bottom of page confirms this ie SpaceView3D.shading is an instance of View3DShading

To the python console:

>>> for i, a in enumerate(C.screen.areas):
...     i, a.type
(1, 'CONSOLE')
(2, 'VIEW_3D')

Area 2 is a view 3d, its active space

>>> space = C.screen.areas[2].spaces.active

The render pass property of shading group

>>> space.shading.render_pass

Set to something else.

>>> space.shading.render_pass = 'MIST'

Note in a script to run from the context of a view3d, then use

space = context.space_data

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