I need to model the white hemisphere on top of the telescope tower of this observatory. As you can see, the hemisphere is not smooth, but it has some regular reliefs (I think they are called creases, but I am not sure). I have tried to use insets, blevels and creases, but I cannot get the desired results. Moreover, I didn't find anything in Google, but I am not sure how these reliefs are called, so probably I didn't search properly.

How would you proceed to create the reliefs of this hemisphere? (I have already made the hemisphere, it is just these regular edges in relief that I don't know how to model).

enter image description here


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Select all base edge rings with Select > Select Loops > Edge Rings then deselect a desired ratio with the Select > Checker Deselect operator (may require an Offset value of $2$ for an even distribution).

Select all linked loops with Select > Select Loops > Edge Loops to extend the full corresponding loops.

Bevel the selected edges with Ctrl + B, then extrude them using the Extrude Along Normals option.

Grooved Hemi


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