It looks like I have little influence on what the smoke/ explosion does. Sadly it goes directly from Frame 50 to 700. What i want:

  • Frame 50 to 250 smoke/ explosion reach the half of the final expansion
  • Frame 250 to 450 smoke/ explosion should hold position but still smoking.
  • Frame 450 to 550 smoke/ explosion reach now very fast the final expansion
  • Frame 550 to 700 smoke/ explosion dissapear.

Is this somehow possible? Or do i have only influence on the speed with force fields?

I have a sphere which explode, should stop short, because its some futuristic stuff, and then finish the explosion


You should do some complex stuff, buy you can achieve it. In general you should work with "Time Scale" attribute of Smoke Domain > Fluid > Settings so you can "pause" the physics or slow it down.

If you are using the particles system to create the explosion, the same should be done in sync with the Timestep value under Particle properties > Physics > Integration

Here's how to pause the smoke:

enter image description here


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