I have posted this question on Reddit too, but I still have no answer. Could somebody with some node workflow knowledge help me out?

image 1

I created this simple node structure to create a grayscale image with internal blur from a png image (with transparent background). I need the blur for the displacement. See below:


Then I have a plane with these modifiers: -2x subdivision surface (Simple, 6 subdivisions) -Displace modifier (liked the rendered images from the node structure to it. Midlevel to 0. Strenght to 0.2) Yet what I get is this:


All spikes. And the surface seens blobby. I also tried to just create a shader with displacement. But then the result is very blocky (zoom in on the green and you will see blocky lines clearly).

So I need help. How to get a good looking displacement out of a 2d image?

  • $\begingroup$ The answer for the displacement modifier is Calculate in the Texture settings $\endgroup$ – Daniel Jul 20 at 21:20

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