I'm doing some facial motion capture for my character and the problem I'm running into is that my face is obviously a different shape than the character I created in Blender. With that being said, I have motion capture data I created from my face that I transferred to my character's face by linking empties to each track and giving them depth information to project on my character.

I already created bones for each track so I have that setup, but is there a way for the bones to copy the movement of the motion capture tracks without actually copying their physical location? If I use "Copy location" I can get the bone to behave the same way as the motion capture tracker which is good, but the bone also snaps to the location of the track which is what I don't want to happen.

I want to be able to move the bones where ever I want so I can align them to my character's face precisely, but still have them maintain the same movement as the motion capture tracks. This is the tutorial I'm watching and at 21:26, Blender 2.8 Facial Mocap Tutorial this is the part where I need to do something different since my character is not exactly like my face. If I need to clarify anything, let me know, thanks in advance.


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